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Make no mistake, “The Child,” aka Baby Yoda from the Disney+ show “The Mandalorian,” really pulls on the heartstrings. This 50-year old might just be the most adorable thing to come out of a galaxy far, far away in a long, long time. And if you’re like me, you might want to show you care, or even your love, with a Baby Yoda this Valentine’s Day. And that’s exactly where Lovepop’s latest card comes in.

For those who don’t know, Lovepop makes some of the most unique greeting cards, owing to its pop-up design. They literally pop off the page, unlike any card you’ve ever seen. And this is no different with its Baby Yoda edition. Better yet, it’s available now for $15 and should arrive in time for Feb. 14.

The card itself features The Child inside his hovering pod (a glorified stroller) with a simple, yet direct “For You” inscribed on the front. Upon opening it up, Baby Yoda will pop up surrounded by environmental elements from the show, with the Mandalorian’s Razor Crest ship parked in the back.

It looks stunning, and the technique used to create the pop effect is quite cool. In fact, the hand is stretched out as if Baby Yoda is using the force. Plus, there’s a snack for him to the side in the form of a juicy frog. You can even pull out an included sheet of paper to write a heartfelt message. It could be a letter asking to rejoin the guild, or maybe just a simple message: “I Have Spoken.” Either way, it will surely impress.

Plus, if you want a card not so heavy on Baby Yoda, Lovepop has a collection spanning other stars of the “Star Wars” universe, the lovely green aliens from “Toy Story” and even a group of friendly sloths.

You can check out Lovepop’s full offering of cards here. And remember, as we get closer to Feb. 14, be sure to use expedited two-day shipping.

Note: The prices above reflect the retailer’s listed prices at the time of publication.