In a handwritten note, Martin Luther King Jr. defines his meaning of love. The note is on sale for $42,000.
CNN  — 

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, a rare handwritten note by Martin Luther King Jr. on the meaning of love has been discovered.

The note, believed to be from sometime in the mid-1960s, is up for sale through the memorabilia company Moments in Time.

While the note’s sale price of $42,000 may seem steep, Gary Zimet, CEO of Moments in Time, says the price reflects just how rare it is to find a handwritten note by the renowned civil rights leader.

“It is extremely rare. Other than inscriptions in (typed) letters and books, finding a handwritten note is very rare,” Zimet said. “This note encapsulates the philosophy of King’s life and that’s why it’s so important.”

According to Zimet, King wrote the note after someone asked him what he believed was the meaning of love.

The note reads, “Love is the greatest force in the universe. It is the heartbeat of the moral cosmos. He who loves is a participant in the being of God.”

Zimet said his experience of 40 years in the business led him to believe the note was authentic the second he saw it. But he also compared it to other instances of King’s handwriting to make sure it was real. CNN could not independently confirm its authenticity.

Moments in Time bought the note from a memorabilia dealer in England, who apparently had no idea of the note’s worth, according to Zimet.

While the high price point may not make this note an ideal Valentine’s gift for the average person, Zimet hopes it goes to someone who will appreciate its meaning and value.