An Oregon woman told neighbors she wanted to wait out the floods. She was found dead days later

Severe flooding in eastern Oregon left dozens of residents stranded by floodwater and awaiting rescue.

(CNN)An Oregon woman told neighbors she wanted to stay at her home Thursday despite heavy flooding in the area. Days later her body was found near the property where she was last seen.

Janet Conley, 62, was found dead Sunday by search and rescue workers and neighbors, according to a news release from the Umatilla County Sheriff's Office.
"It appears she was swept away by rushing water," the release said.
"Our sympathies go out to the family and friends of Ms. Conley in this difficult time," Umatilla County Sheriff's Office Sgt. and Incident Commander Dwight Johnson said in the release.
    More than 50 people have been rescued from flooded areas in eastern Oregon since Thursday, authorities said.
    Parts of Umatilla County have experienced significant flooding since Thursday, leaving many residents trapped in their homes or vehicles.
    Umatilla County Sheriff Terry Rowan said the flooding progressed rapidly, washing out bridges and roads and making access for residents and emergency personnel difficult.
    Residents were evacuated by helicopter after water from the Umatilla River rose on Thursday.
    On Friday, Gov. Kate Brown declared a state of emergency in Umatilla, Union, and Wallowa counties due to the severe flooding conditions.
    "We've had two days of rain," said Kevin Jeffries, a spokesman for the Umatilla County Joint Information Center. "Usually it's snow this time of year."
    The rain created a massive snow melt in the mountains leading to "some pretty wild flooding," Jeffries added.
      Several helicopter crews rescued dozens of residents and continue searching for flooding evacuees on Saturday.
      As of Saturday, no deaths or major injuries were reported.