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Wedding rings: They’re a symbol of your undying love for your spouse, and also a potentially dangerous accessory that could sever your finger from your hand should a freak accident occur, particularly if you’re someone who leads an active lifestyle or regularly works with machinery. That’s where Enso rings, made from safer silicone, come in, and right now, all of Enso’s bands are 25% off for Valentine’s Day.

While traditional metal rings could cause injury if they get tugged on, Enso’s silicone rings will simply snap from pressure thanks to Anti Ring Avulsion Technology, leaving your finger unharmed. Plus, Enso rings come in three different widths, a range of sizes and a variety of styles that will suit any aesthetic.

The brand’s Elements collection is infused with actual precious metals to create an attractive sheen, while the Stackables collection allows you to mix and match fun colors and textures. Shop the Infinity line for a band that features a meaningful infinity symbol, or go for an Ultralite ring that’s so light, you might forget you’re wearing a band at all.

With the current discount, all of Enso’s rings are under $40, and they’re available on both the brand’s own site and for Prime shipping on Amazon. So swap your wedding band for a silicone Enso ring, and stop worrying about losing such a sentimental piece of jewelry or, uh, one of your digits. Check out some of our favorite rings from Enso below.

Enso Rings Halo Legend Silicone Ring, Mermaid ($22.49, originally $29.99; or

This Halo ring is the thinnest style Enso offers, and the shimmery, jewel-tone Mermaid colorway is particularly eye catching.

Enso Rings Men’s Infinity Silicone Ring, Obsidian ($18.74, originally $24.99; or

The subtle infinity symbol along this black band adds something extra to an otherwise simple ring.

Enso Rings Classic Elements Silicone Ring, Gold ($29.99, originally $39.99; or

Infused with actual precious materials, rings in the Elements collection also come in Rose Gold, Platinum, Copper, Silver, Black Pearl, Diamond and Meteorite.

Enso Rings Braided Silicone Ring, Pink Sand ($8.99, originally $11.99; or

The least expensive of Enso’s ring, this braided style comes in a range of bright and pastel colors and is perfect for stacking.

Enso Rings Classic Birthstone Silicone Ring, Amethyst ($22.49, originally $29.99; or

Enso makes for a more meaningful ring with a band that’s the same color as your birthstone.

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Note: The prices above reflect the retailer’s listed price at the time of publication.