NBA veteran Erik Helland has resigned from his position as University of Wisconsin-Madison's strength and conditioning coach.
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Erik Helland, the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s longtime strength and conditioning coach for the men’s basketball team, has resigned from the program.

An investigation by the university discovered that Helland had used a racial epithet while recounting a story from his NBA career while in the presence of a number of basketball student-athletes.

Helland did not return a phone call requesting comment from CNN.

“UW Athletics works to promote a safe and welcoming environment for its student-athletes and staff and the aforementioned language used does not align with the values of the athletic department, men’s basketball program or the university,” the university said in a statement.

Kobe King announced on January 29 that he would be transferring from the University of Wisconsin.

Helland was placed on administrative leave on Monday and did not travel with the team to Minnesota for the team’s game on Wednesday.

There were reports that the team’s second-leading scorer, Kobe King, decided to transfer from the program due to a racial epithet directed at him.

However, the University of Wisconsin’s Athletics program refuted that report.

“UW Athletics has no evidence – nor has it been alleged to the athletic department – that Helland directed racially insensitive language toward any member of the men’s basketball team,” the university said.