This designer is creating fashion prints from maths equations

Through geometric designs, the Sokhna print was used to create tie-dye like designs.

(CNN)Maths teacher Diarra Bousso Gueye was grading a set of algebra papers when she had a Eureka moment.

Gueye, who had long harbored fashion aspirations from her childhood when she made clothes for her dolls, pondered what if she took the equations she taught to create drawings and prints for clothing?
Diarra Bousso Gueye
on after that classroom moment, her brand Diarrablu started using math concepts such as geometric transformations and quadratic transformations to create multiple prints in bold colors.
"My work is fully focused on the use of mathematics for the creative process," she told CNN.
    The Joal print is named after an iconic coastal town in Senegal called Joal Fadiouth.