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The Amazon coat that went viral a few years back still has us shook by its sheer reach — walk down any street in America today and you’re likely to come across someone wearing the Orolay Women’s Thickened Down Jacket, which can be instantly recognized by its fleece-lined hood and deep outer pockets. With more than 9,600 positive Amazon reviews (and counting), it’s become one of the site’s most popular products.

But like most brands out there, Orolay already has its eye on the next prize, recently releasing a longer “maxi” version of the coat that is nearly floor-length. Called the Maxi Jacket, it has the same windproof polyester shell and ultra-warm duck-down-and-feathers lining as the original coat, making it perfect for those freezing cold days when you just want to wear a sleeping bag on your commute to work. The oversized hood and roomy collar (it has four snaps and reaches up to your nose) ensure that your neck and head are shielded from the elements all winter long, too.

  • Orolay Maxi Jacket with Hood ($119.99;

Similar to the original jacket, what makes the Maxi stand out is the cool-girl detailing. In this case it’s not the outside pockets, but rather the irregular hem at the bottom of the coat, which notches up midway. “I really love my new coat and have gotten several compliments already,” wrote one Amazon reviewer, who gave the Maxi 5 stars. “I [also] love the length, because it is so warm — keeps the legs warm too! It is cute on and the front lower hem cutout gives it an updated look.”

While the Maxi hasn’t gone viral (yet), it has raked in several hundred positive reviews, earning an overall 4.4 stars. And Orolay isn’t stopping there. The brand actually has more than 60 coat options on Amazon, ranging from a shiny version of the original to a mini option for kids to a men’s coat to a midi-length coat with faux fur trim.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, we hear you, and we’re here to help. Below we’ve outlined our favorites and why you’re going to want to test drive them this winter.

Orolay Thickened Down Jacket ($84.99-$139.99;

Beloved by more than 9,600 Amazon reviewers, the “Amazon coat” went viral for a lot of reasons — its cool, boxy design, the fleece-lined hood, the side zippers. Available in seven colors and 10 sizes (XXSmall to 5X), this coat is the one everyone should own.

Orolay Maxi Jacket with Hood ($119.99;

Love the look of the original, but need more coverage? Then the Maxi is your answer. Available in four muted hues, the coat has an ample hood and collar and extra-long length to keep you warm on even the coldest day.

Orolay Thickened Contrast Color Drawstring Hooded Jacket ($119.99;

We’re not going to say this is the next viral Orolay coat — but we’re not going to say it’s not. With nearly 600 positive reviews, this A-line jacket manages to be puffy and warm and ultra-cool all at once, thanks to the orange contrast drawstring handles and matching satin lining.

Orolay Down Jacket with Faux Fur Trim Hood ($104.99;

A bit more basic than the original Orolay, this fitted coat is quickly becoming a fan favorite, as it currently has more than 1,000 positive reviews. We love the thick zipper and the slimming design of the coat, and that furry hood.

Orolay Shiny Thickened Hooded Down Jacket ($59.99;

This coat has the same viral design as the original, but comes in four shiny new fabrics, amping up the style factor big time.

Orolay Children’s Hooded Down Coat ($129.99;

If you’re someone who enjoys matching your kids, then this is going to be a doozy of an announcement — the Amazon coat has a mini version! The coats are identical to the big version, and we’re already envisioning the 10,000 cute Instagram posts that are going to result from this purchase.

Orolay Puffer Down Cloak Jacket ($121.99;

Let’s be clear: This jacket is a statement piece, but in the very best way. Oversized and extra-warm, the coat has an asymmetrical cloak-cut and puffer design and comes in maroon and black.

Orolay Women’s Down Jacket Mid-Length ($129.99;

The perfect midi-jacket, this one’s rounded hem gives your rear full coverage. It has an adjustable hood and built-in soft cuffs with thumb holes that make it the perfect everyday winter puffer.

Orolay Women’s Puffer Down Coat with Faux Fur Trim Hood ($47.52-$109.99;

Available in four universally flattering colors, this puffer is an instant classic, combining a cute furry hood with a knee-skimming silhouette.

Orolay Men’s Thickened Down Jacket ($189.99;

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you — the Amazon coat is available for dudes now, too. A bit more masculine (no contrasting fleece hood lining, for instance), the coat is reminiscent of the original with four big outside pockets, chunky zippers and four earthy colorways.

Note: The prices above reflect the retailer’s listed price at the time of publication.