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If you’re like me, you live in leggings — even when you have zero intention of heading to the gym.

My go-to brand since college has been Lululemon. Long known for its thick, nontransparent Wunder Under collection, Lululemon has recently been popping up in the social media feeds of fitness influencers with leggings from the brand’s Align collection.

After seeing dozens of women rave about the leggings’ crazy soft material and ultra-flattering high waist, I had to try them for myself. Let me tell you, Align is officially Lululemon’s dark horse. Despite being launched in 2015, the collection of softer-than-soft leggings and shorts has been slowly gaining steam over the past year.

What’s so great about them? First, there’s what the brand is calling “naked sensation” — while that might sound like marketing jargon, this really is the best way to describe how Align pants feel against your body. They are soft and slinky and literally skim your curves, from waist to ankle. Second, there’s the fabric. Called Nulu, the matderial is uber-soft, sweat-wicking and has a four-way stretch. You can move in these pants — whether you’re doing hot yoga or hopping in and out of your car doing errands.

Then there’s the design. The waist is high. Very high. Did I mention I have four kids? There’s extra coverage on the torso, thanks to the double-layered waistband, which gently sucks me in and gives me the tummy control I crave without any digging, pinching or bulging.

My favorite leggings in the collection are the Align Pant II 25”, which I own in black and a muted camouflage pattern that goes with everything.

lululemonAlign Pant II 25

Need more reasons to give them a try? We talked to A Double Dose blogger Alexis Belbel, who often shares her love of Align with her 345,000 Instagram followers. “My favorite thing about these Align leggings is that they are so soft and feel like butter on,” she says. “Almost like you have nothing on, in the best way possible. I also love the colors they come in and the different length options, so if you’re tall or shorter, they have the perfect ones for you.”

It’s the same story for Genuinely Jessica blogger Jessica Hall, who regularly shares selfies in Align pants with her 37,000 followers. “The Align leggings make me feel secure and confident during all types of workouts,” she says. “I love how high-waisted they are and how they shape my body. They’re hands-down my favorite.”

Truly, Align’s only downside is the price, which ranges from $88 to $98. The good news is there is a similar pair on Amazon for a fraction of the cost. Equally high-waisted and ultra thin, the CRZ Yoga Naked Feeling collection is similar to the Align leggings — and they start at just $22.

Available in dozens of colors and patterns, the line has a multitude of styles (cropped, with pockets, biker shorts), but my personal favorite — and the style most similar to the Align Pant II 25” — is the High Waist Tight, which comes in a whopping 26 colorways.

These other leggings aren’t quite as buttery soft as the Align pants, but for a third of the price, they are definitely worth considering. Shop our favorites in the Align and CRZ Yoga collections below, and discover “naked” leggings for yourself.

Lululemon Align leggings

Align Crop 21” ($88;


Perfect for yoga, spinning or simply running errands on a warm day, these cropped Align pants are on the lower end of the price range (yippee!) and are available in 13 wintry hues. Looking for a longer crop that lands in the midcalf region? Then you’ll want to try this 23-inch version instead.

Align Jogger 28” ($98;


Depending on who’s judging, these joggers just might be the best of the Align worlds, mixing the buttery soft Nulu fabric with the loose, relaxed design of a jogger. Did we mention they have pockets? More to know: A shorter version is also available.

Align Pant II 25” ($98;

lululemonAlign Pant II 25

Perfect for those shorter in stature who are looking for an ankle-grazing legging, these pants are available in 17 hues. If you’re on the taller end of the spectrum, you’ll want to give the 28-inch pants a look.

Align Super-High Rise Pant 28” ($98;

Lululemon Align Super High Rise

While all of the Align pants have a high-rise waist, if you’re looking for something with even more coverage, the 28-inch inseam on these super-high-rise pants will do the trick.

Align Short 6” ($58;

lululemon Align Short 6

Bike shorts are the workout fashion rage and these super soft ones are available in four dark patterns and colors. The style also comes in shorter and longer lengths.

Lulu-inspired options

CRZ Yoga Women’s Naked Feeling High Waist Tight Yoga Pants 25” ($24;

lululemon CRZ YOGA High Waist Yoga Pants

Similar to Align Pant II 25”, these pants have a high-rise, double-layered waistband and a lightweight, super slinky feel. With more than 1,400 positive reviews on Amazon, they are quickly becoming a top category seller on the site.

CRZ Yoga Women’s Naked Feeling High Waist Yoga Pants with Pockets ($26;

lululemon -CRZ YOGA High Waist Yoga Pants with Pockets

If you’re constantly misplacing your keys and phone, opt for these pants, which come with two handy pockets deep enough to actually store your stuff. Want a cropped version with pockets instead? Try these.

CRZ Yoga Women’s Naked Feeling High Waist Crop Capri Yoga Pants ($22;

lululemon CRZ YOGA Women's Naked Feeling High Waist Crop Capri Yoga Pants

Just like the 25-inch pants, only cropped to a midcalf 21-inch inseam, these leggings have the same tummy control and are available in 21 cheery colors and patterns.

CRZ Yoga Women’s Naked Feeling High Waist Biker Shorts ($18;

lululemon CRZ YOGA Women's Naked Feeling High Waist Biker Shorts

We love the handy back pocket in these cute shorts, which come in three colors, have stylish (but not too revealing) mesh side panels and don’t break the bank at only 18 bucks.

Note: The prices above reflect the retailers’ listed price at the time of publication.