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Even Barbie needs to take a little time for herself.

A new line of Barbie dolls hopes to introduce girls to the benefits of wellness and self-care, toymaker Mattel announced in a statement.

Mattel partnered with the popular meditation app, Headspace, to create the collection, which features three themes: meditation, physical well-being and self-care.

In a constantly busy, over-connected world, these Barbies demonstrate how important it is to take time for yourself – whether through yoga, meditation or other routines.

03 wellness barbie collection trnd

A meditation-themed doll uses light and sound effects to lead children through an active, guided meditation during playtime.

Another promotes self-care routine with a cucumber eye mask, a box of bath bombs and a candle, while another encourages relaxing and winding down thoroughly before bed.

A fitness doll celebrates a way to recharge with physical movements like yoga or hula hoop.

The dolls have 11 “joints” for more realistic movement at the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, and knees, and come with puppies.

01 wellness barbie collection trnd

The collection also has several playsets available, such as a bathtub that comes with glittery fizz packs, a manicure and pedicure chair, or a spa day face mask set.

Eva Prieto, the female voice for Headspace, even provided the following tips for parents to incorporate the concepts of wellness and meditation to kids.

Here’s how they broke it down:

  1. Explain what mindfulness and meditation is
  2. Lead by example
  3. Start off short and simple
  4. Choose a safe space
  5. Pick the right time
  6. Practice gratitude
  7. Exercises to do with your kids
  8. Encourage feeling emotions

The dolls will be available in Spring 2020 and range in price from $14.99 to $19.99.