Dutch soccer clash kicks off with adorably novel coin toss

The mascot awaits ahead of the coin toss in the game between between RKC Waalwijk and VVV-Venlo.

(CNN)If tensions were high before this crucial game at the bottom of the Dutch football league, the mascot doing the coin toss beforehand served to bring a little light-heartedness to the whole affair.

RKC Waalwijk and VVV Venlo faced off on Saturday in a game that could have huge ramifications on who avoids relegation from the Eredivisie -- the Netherland's top flight.
And although Venlo claimed a vital three points to move away from bottom side Waalwijk, the star of the show proved to be someone who wasn't even playing.
      As is customary in most sports, a coin is flipped before each game to decide which team starts with possession.
        In this game, rather than having the referee toss the coin, a child mascot was given the responsibility.
        After being given the green light by referee Edwin van de Graaf, the mascot flipped the coin in his own unique style, choosing to toss it as if he was throwing a frisbee, much to the enjoyment of all involved.
          And you can't say the mascot lacked enthusiasm and thoroughness in his job, as he ran after his coin to report back what side landed face up.
            Bearing in mind the unique technique and the good luck it brought -- Venlo won 2-1 -- maybe Venlo captain Nils Röseler will insist on this mascot doing the toss for each of their remaining games if they hope to avoid relegation.
            We're definitely in agreement with Fox Sports, this coin toss "undoubtedly wins the originality prize."