Two pipe bombs found in Pennsylvania township this week

A postal carrier found this undetonated bomb in the township Tuesday, police said.

(CNN)Two homemade pipe bombs were found in a Pennsylvania township this week, police said.

One of them exploded and the other was undetonated, the Caln Township Police Department said in a release.
A postal carrier in the township northwest of Philadelphia found the intact bomb Tuesday and contacted police, according to the release.
Whoever left it there had lit the fuse, but it went out before the device exploded, police said.
    On Wednesday, a caller told police there had been an explosion on Monday near a railroad underpass, about 24 hours before the postal carrier found the other device only half a mile away, police said.
    The caller reported the explosion after reading news reports of the pipe bomb that was discovered Tuesday.
    Officers found a device that appeared to have been detonated near the railroad underpass, but there wasn't any property damage in the area, police said.
    Both devices appeared to be "homemade" and similar in size and construction, according to the release.
    This device had apparently exploded Monday.
    "At this point in the investigation we have no information to indicate that these acts are targeted at a specific individual or group of individuals," Chief of Police Joseph Elias said in a message to the community. "Nonetheless, our investigators will follow all leads to determine motive and to bring those responsible to justice,"
      Police said Caln Township residents can expect to see a significantly increased police presence in an effort to alleviate some of the resident's concerns and anxiety, and "as a proactive measure to deter any further acts of this nature."
      Police also urged residents to report any suspicious devices, but not to handle them.