Antonio Brown's ex-girlfriend asks him to get help after police issue an arrest warrant for him

Antonio Brown has been out of the NFL since September.

(CNN)After a tumultuous year of issues off the field, former NFL player Antonio Brown is in legal trouble again.

Police issued an arrest warrant for Brown in Hollywood, Florida, after an incident at his home in which he and his coach allegedly assaulted a moving truck driver, authorities said Wednesday.
Antonio Brown.
Brown faces one count each of burglary with battery, burglary of an unoccupied conveyance and criminal mischief, the Hollywood Police Department said.
The alleged victim told police he was delivering Brown's household items that he'd stored in California when Brown attacked him Tuesday, a complaint says. Brown and his coach, Glenn Holt, both "battered" the driver, authorities said.
    Police said they've tried to contact Brown without success.

    Brown refused to pay for service, complaint says

    The investigation started after a 911 call about a disturbance at Brown's home in Hollywood -- about 25 miles north of Miami.
    The driver of the delivery vehicle said he requested the $4,000 payment to deliver the household goods, according to the complaint. When Brown refused to pay, the driver started to leave.
    Glenn Holt.
    As he drove away, Brown threw a rock at the truck, causing a small dent and paint chip on the driver's side door, the complaint says.
    The driver returned to the home after his company told him the former football player was willing to pay the outstanding $4,000, and an extra $860 for the vehicle damage and the driver's extra time.
    Brown paid the $4,000 but refused to pay the extra amount, and the driver climbed back in the truck to leave, the complaint says.
    Brown argued with the driver, climbed into his vehicle and "started to physically grab and pull" him, ripping his shirt and causing multiple abrasions, the complaint says.

    His coach is also accused of attacking the driver

    Holt demanded the driver's keys to get Brown's property, the complaint says.
    When the driver refused to hand over the keys, Holt grabbed the keys from the ignition, unlocked the truck and Brown and several friends jumped in and started removing boxes, the complaint says.
    When the driver told them they were removing the wrong boxes, they started "tossing" items back into the truck, the complaint says. The victim said he suffered injuries, including scratches to his neck, shoulder and forearm, and a cut on the tip of his finger, according to the complaint.
    Police arrived at the scene and Brown retreated inside his residence and shut the door.
    Holt, 35, was arrested on a felony charge of burglary with battery, police Officer Christian Lata told repo