The Parisian secret for hoop fans: The oldest original basketball court in the world

Published 5:40 AM ET, Thu January 23, 2020
rue de previse ymca basketball courtrue de previse ymca basketball court
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The court, at a YMCA (known as the UCJG in France) in Paris, has been continuously functional since 1893, less than two years after the game was invented at a YMCA in Springfield, MA, USA. GERARD JULIEN/AFP/AFP via Getty Images
The YMCA opens the court annually on France's Cultural Heritage Day in September as part of efforts to reintegrate rue de Trévise into basketball history. GERARD JULIEN/AFP/AFP via Getty Images
France and Utah Jazz basketball star Rudy Gobert played at the rue de Trévise basketball court at a EuroBasket event in 2015. Bellenger/IS/FFBB
In the past, the site has been used for other sports as well as basketball, with the upper floor acting as a running track. GERARD JULIEN/AFP/AFP via Getty Images
Former France basketball captain Nicolas Batum (centre) is passionate about preserving the basketball court at rue de Trévise, saying: "I hope we can do something to keep that structure intact because this is history." CHARLY TRIBALLEAU/AFP/AFP via Getty Images
Necessary renovations will cost several million dollars because any restorations must meet French Heritage requirements to return the premises to how they originally were in 1893. GERARD JULIEN/AFP/AFP via Getty Images
The Duperre Pigalle basketball court elsewhere in Paris has benefited from an artistic renovation paid for by Nike. AFP Contributor/AFP/AFP via Getty Images
It is hoped that efforts to raise awareness among the local community, along with past and present NBA players, about the rue de Trévise and its court will lead to the necessary funds being raised to preserve the site. GERARD JULIEN/AFP/AFP via Getty Images