Updated 5:38 AM ET, Tue January 21, 2020
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Derq, a start-up based in Dubai and Detroit, is at the forefront of efforts to develop technology solutions to improve road safety. Courtesy of Derq
The company's system uses sensors and artificial intelligence to anticipate hazards such as jaywalkers and drivers on dangerous trajectories. Courtesy of Derq
Demonstration with an autonomous vehicle from French company Navya in the Dubai World Challenge for self-driving transport. Derq's system is mounted on the left pole. Courtesy of Derq
Derq is far from the only company operating in this field.

British company Humanising Autonomy has developed intent prediction technology that predicts pedestrian behavior across different environments and cities to help drivers and autonomous systems navigate safely.
Courtesy of Humanising Autonomy
San Diego-based Netradyne's "Driveri" provides alerts and training for motorists, with a focus on commercial fleets.

The intelligent camera system (pictured) delivers detailed assessments of the driving environment including the behavior of fellow motorists.
Courtesy of Netradyne
The "SafetyNex" module from French company Nexyad provides real time risk assessments, informing drivers when risk is heightened. Courtesy of Nexyad