house of commons passes brexit deal
House of Commons passes Brexit deal
02:37 - Source: CNN
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A clock counting down to the second the United Kingdom leaves the European Union on January 31 will be projected onto the bricks of Downing Street as part of government plans to mark Brexit, a spokeswoman for Downing Street told CNN on Saturday.

A light display will show the clock counting down to 11 p.m. local time, and government buildings around Whitehall will also be lit up, the spokeswoman told CNN in a statement.

However, there are currently no plans in place for Big Ben to chime, a spokeswoman for the House of Commons told CNN on Saturday.

The UK government had come under pressure to back a bid for Big Ben to chime at 11 p.m. on January 31.

The iconic bell, which sits inside the 315-foot Elizabeth Tower, is currently being restored, but Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Tuesday that the government was “working up a plan so people can bung a bob for a Big Ben bong” after Commons authorities ruled out the proposal because it could cost £500,000 (about $650,000), PA Media news agency reported.

Several online fundraisers have been set up to fund the chimes, with one crowdfunder by StandUp4Brexit raising more than £250,000 (about $325,000).

Conservative MP Mark Francois said in a statement that the GoFundMe campaign had been launched to raise money by public donation “so that Big Ben can chime to mark this momentous occasion.”

“The natural choice for this would be Big Ben, but because it is currently undergoing refurbishment, special measures would have to be put in place, which could cost up to £500,000,” he said in a statement.

As part of the plans for Brexit day, Johnson will give an address in the evening of January 31, Union flags will be flown in Parliament Square and a commemorative Brexit coin will be introduced into circulation, a spokesperson for Downing Street confirmed in a statement.