The brothers arrived in Antigua in record time.
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Three brothers from Scotland have set three world records after rowing 3,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean in 35 days.

Ewan, 27, Jamie, 26, and Lachlan MacLean, 21 – known as BROAR, a combination of brother and oar – set off from La Gomera in the Canary Islands on December 12 and completed their 3,000-mile row to Antigua in the Caribbean on Thursday, PA Media news agency reported.

Finishing the journey in 35 days, nine hours and nine minutes, the brothers have smashed several world records. The trio are the first three brothers to row any ocean, the fastest trio to row across the Atlantic, and the youngest trio to row across the Atlantic, Atlantic Campaigns confirmed on Facebook, adding that the siblings crossed the finish line playing the bagpipes.

Previously, the record for a trio rowing the Atlantic Ocean was 41 days, PA reported.

The MacLean brothers completed the row in 35 days, smashing previous records.

Branded as “the world’s toughest rowing race,” the Talisker Whisky Challenge is an annual ocean rowing event that sees up to 30 teams cross the Atlantic.

The siblings, from Edinburgh, Scotland, are raising money for national children’s charity Children 1st and Feedback Madagascar, a development organization which focuses on health, sanitation and agriculture.