A student was too poor to buy enough food. Her death has raised poverty concerns in China

At 24 years old, Wu was only 135 centimeters tall (4.4 feet) and weighed just 21.6 kilograms (48 pounds) before her death.

Beijing (CNN)A college student who experienced malnutrition because she was too poor to afford adequate food has died in southwestern China, sparking concerns about poverty in the world's second largest economy.

Wu Huayan, 24, died at the Affiliated Hospital of Guizhou Medical University in the city of Tongren on Monday, a spokesman for the hospital confirmed to CNN, while declining to provide a reason for her death.
A third-year student at Guizhou Forerunner College, Wu was 135 centimeters tall (4.4 feet) and weighed just 21.6 kilograms (48 pounds), according to a statement by the Tongren municipal government in October. She captured national attention that month, when her story was told in Chinese media.
Both of Wu's parents had died and she was living with her younger brother, surviving on a social security program allowance of 300 yuan ($43.50) per month, according to the government statement. Her brother had a mental illness, and Wu had adopted an extremely frugal lifestyle to save money to help care for him.