CNN  — 

The high temperature in Washington, DC, on Sunday was 70 degrees.

It was downright balmy. (I wore a T-shirt and shorts to take down our Christmas decorations – and I was sweating.)

All of which made this tweet from the White House’s official account – sent at 8:55 p.m. ET Sunday night – very, very strange.

(At the time of the tweet, the temperature at Reagan National Airport in DC was 54 degrees.)

This oddity was, um, noted in the replies to the tweet.

“What???” asked journalist James Fallows. “The daytime high in DC today was 68F. I was wearing shorts this afternoon. When you sent out this tweet, it was still 20+ degrees too warm for snow.”

“Still waiting for the punchline…,” tweeted University of Alabama law school professor Joyce Alene.

“The Upside-Down,” concluded “PourMeCoffee,” a well-known Twitter account.

So, what gives? The White House wasn’t talking. They didn’t respond to CNN’s request for comment on the tweet.

What almost certainly happened is that someone on the social media team messed up. See, it actually did snow last Tuesday in Washington – the first measurable amount of the white stuff all winter. So theoretically, the “first snow of the year!” tweet was meant to be sent out around then?

It’s not a huge deal, of course. But why wouldn’t the White House simply put out a new tweet that says “Oops, pressed the wrong button!” or some such? The answer is, I suppose, that this isn’t a president or an administration who likes to admit errors – even dumb, small ones.

Remember “covfefe”? That was the typo that President Donald Trump tweeted in May 2017 in this tweet: “Despite the negative press covfefe….” It was clear to anyone with a working brain that Trump meant to type “coverage” and, as he sometimes does, just made a typo (or three).

But rather than admit to that incredibly benign error, White House press secretary Sean Spicer stood in front of the media – this was back when the White House actually held daily press conferences – and said this about “covfefe”: “The President and a small group of people know exactly what he meant.’


Oh wait, he wasn’t kidding.

So, yeah. This is an administration that just cannot admit being wrong.

Remember: To err is human. To wear shorts and a T-shirt in Washington, DC, in January is divine.