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Wacom, one of the biggest names in drawing tablets, just released its most affordable surface yet at the Consumer Electronics Show. It’s called the Wacom One, a tablet starting at $399.95 (; that gives you a variety of drawing options. You can draw on its surface, hook it up to a computer and even connect it to an Android tablet or smartphone.

Wacom has packed many popular features into this low-cost device. For one thing, the active area is almost a foot wide, giving you plenty of space in which to create. The display is full HD, to keep your drawings clear and colorful. Add in the tablet’s high accuracy and a display with natural surface friction rather than a glossy finish, and you may forget you’re even using a digital surface.

What may remind you, though, is the included pen’s ability to mimic a range of pens and brushes on command. Also included are some apps that’ll make things even more interesting, like Bamboo Paper. With it, you can turn your tablet into a sketch pad fit for notes or hashing out visual ideas.

The Wacom One doesn’t leave out those who like to draw on a bigger canvas. You can hook the surface up to a Mac or Windows computer (OS X or Windows 7 and above) for just that purpose.

As a bonus, this tablet’s compatible with Android devices too. If you want to draw on your smartphone and then send out the image, go right ahead. The same goes for Android tablets. Whichever display you want to look at, the drawing surface won’t disappoint. And it’s so easy to use, yet so versatile, that users of any skill level should find the Wacom One a valuable piece of creative tech.

Whether you’re sketching up diagrams, doodling or working on graphic designs, the Wacom One is easy to use at a desk or on the move. See for yourself for $399.99 on

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