Hockey fans filled the arena with their voices after the anthem singer's microphone malfunctioned.
CNN  — 

When the singer’s microphone failed during the Canadian national anthem at a National Hockey League game, instead of sitting in silence, the crowd of both Canadian and American fans took over and sang it themselves.

The Detroit Red Wings were hosting the Montreal Canadiens on Tuesday night at Little Caesars Arena, but there was a technical difficulty during the pre-game anthem, according to CNN affiliate WXYZ.

The sound went out just as the Red Wings’ anthem singer, Karen Newman, was singing Canada’s anthem.

In video posted on Twitter, the crowd took over without hesitation. With the words posted on large video screens above the rink, fans began singing Canada’s anthem, “O Canada,” in unison.

Soon after the event made its way to social media, people began to sing the crowd’s praises.

“I KNOW it’s just a hockey game. I KNOW it’s just a song. But there is something about people coming together in times of need that gets me every time,” Patrick wrote on Twitter.

Other fans echoed similar sentiments saying this is one of the many reasons they love the sport and that they are proud to see the sportsmanship.

The Red Wings ended up beating the Canadiens 4-3.