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As Iran fired more than a dozen ballistic missiles at two bases housing US troops in Iraq, posters on social media began sharing old video and images as though they were from Wednesday’s attack.

Misinformation also came from other sources, like this image shared by Iran’s semi-official Fars News Agency:

01 misinformation Iran US Iraq trnd

The photo is not from overnight, but a handout provided by an Iranian news site from July 18, 2017, as Google reverse image search shows. It also features in this New York Times article.

Another striking photo appears to show Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei personally supervising the strike.

But the picture looks very much like a photoshopped version of a photo which was taken, according to the Office of the Supreme Leader’s website, during the Revolutionary Guard’s 2014 Aerospace Force Exhibition.

02 misinformation Iran US Iraq trnd

Other outdated photos are still on Twitter, like this one which purportedly shows the Al Asad Air Base in flames after being hit:

03 misinformation Iran US Iraq trnd

The picture is actually from Gaza, and it shows an Israeli airstrike in Khan Yunis in the southern Gaza on November 15, 2019.

Immediately after the strike, another picture purporting to show a rocket targeting a base near Erbil made the rounds. Again, it’s from last year and from an Israeli strike in Syria as a reverse image search shows.

04 misinformation Iran US Iraq trnd

This photo was shared by a fake news outlet on Twitter to illustrate last night’s airstrikes. The picture is of Iranian strikes in eastern Syria targeting militants.

05 misinformation Iran US Iraq trnd

Besides fake images, old videos were also shared to purportedly show Iranian missiles striking in Iraq.

This video, still online, was actually shot in 2015 in Luhansk, Ukraine, as this YouTube link shows.

06 misinformation Iran US Iraq trnd

Another video – shared by a parody Robert De Niro account among others and still on Twitter – is from May 2019 and it shows Qatar Emir land forces, according to

07 misinformation Iran US Iraq trnd

Former CIA Cindy Otis and other disinformation experts highlighted some of the misinformation in Twitter threads.