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Skagen is kicking off the first day of this year’s Consumer Electronics Show with a brand new smartwatch. The new Falster 3, a wearOS smartwatch that packs a sleek design with upgraded hardware for $295, succeeds the well-reviewed and fashionable Falster 2. And it’s available right now.

For starters, it keeps the same sleek circular watch face and overall design ethos of the second generation. It’s a 42mm case with a screen, and since it’s a smartwatch, you can pick from a broad range of watch faces. Skagen’s sticking with the mantra of “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.” The Falster 3 still runs wearOS and is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon WearTM 3100 platform paired with 1GB of RAM. It also keeps the basic heart rate functionality that Falster 2 had, but Falster 3 expands to include an electrocardiogram.

Still, Skagen made huge improvements to this next-generation Falster. With a new speaker, the Falster 3 will be able to take calls from both Android and iPhone, becoming one of the first wearOS by Google devices to do so. The speaker also gives users the ability to hear alerts for notifications and alarms and to have Google Assistant talk back after commands and even translate out loud.

Another great improvement is the Falster’s new battery modes. The Extended Battery mode saves the watch’s power so it can last multiple days while still providing the essentials like notifications and heart rate. A Daily mode uses most features, and the Custom mode lets you decide how much battery you use by selecting which features to turn on. And when you’re super low on battery, a Time-Only mode shows just the clock, making the most of remaining battery life before you get back to a charger.

While four styles of the Falster 3 are launching Tuesday, there is also a limited-edition model that was designed in partnership with X by Kygo. It will be arriving later this spring, with pricing info coming closer to availability. Fear not, though — if you want a taste of Kygo on your smartwatch, there will be a custom watch face on the regular Falster 3.

We’re eager to go hands on with the Falster 3 and will have a review of the smartwatch soon. On paper, it seems like it will be in line with other wearOS smartwatches, since it has a similar hardware experience. It pairs that with a sleek minimalistic design that looks like a traditional watch as well.

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