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For most dog owners, their animals’ health is vitally important. There are a lot of ways to keep up on your pet’s fitness and nutrition, but Whistle Labs has packed many aspects into one simple device. It’s called the Whistle FIT, and it’s a $79.95 collar-worn pet wellness manager that’ll aims to help you personalize your dog’s care.

Whistle is a company with a history of catering to pet well-being. That includes the Whistle GO, its GPS-tracking fitness collar attachment. This waterproof gadget gives you real-time tracking of your dog via the Whistle App. Plus, you can keep track of vital aspects of your dog’s fitness and health — like calories burned, time spent sleeping, and even scratching and licking — as well as view a 30-day summary. It’s done through a set of sensors inside. All this is based on specific information about your dog’s age, breed and weight, in turn giving you fitness goals. The company’s Whistle GO Explore improved on this design, doubling the waterproof rating and battery life (up to 20 days).

The Whistle FIT is a similar device that swaps out the GPS tracking to focus entirely on pet health. It relies on data from Whistle’s Pet Insight Project, in which data was collected from over 60,000 dogs across 900 mixes and breeds to help illuminate pet behavior. The Whistle FIT collects over 50 samples of your dog’s behavior per second to help contribute to your dog’s care as well as discover correlations between behavior and health.

Much like previous Whistle devices, the FIT utilizes your dog’s breed, age and weight to make fitness recommendations and set daily activity goals that suit your specific pup. You will also receive data similar to what you’d get from the Whistle GO and GO Explore, like calories burned, minutes active, distance traveled, sleeping times and, yes, licking and scratching. All this can be tracked via the Whistle app.

The introduction of Whistle’s Nutrition feature comes along with the announcement of the FIT. Now, Whistle’s app offers nutrition recommendations that are just as personal as its health and fitness regimens. This program integrates everything we’ve seen above with a database of over 3,000 types of dog food. The result is a calculation of the total amount of food you should be feeding your dog on a daily basis. That’s right — much like a human diet plan, the Whistle FIT takes into account calories burned and other fitness data to help you portion your dog’s food.

On January 21, you can pick up the Whistle FIT for $79.95 at, as well as the Whistle Wellness subscription for $35.40 ($2.95 per month), which you’ll need for the device to work. The subscription covers the health and fitness features, and receives updated data on the regular from the Pet Insight Project. Make your new year’s resolution the improvement of your dog’s health and fitness.

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