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In addition to launching hardware like new smart lights at CES 2020, Ring also has an app update. This one will increase transparency and let you control your privacy from one panel.

Ring will add Control Center (not to be confused with the system menu in iOS) to its app for iOS and Android by the end of January. Its aim is to provide a one stop shop for setting privacy controls for all your Ring devices. These are as basic as who has access and as advanced as opting out of receiving video requests in areas where local police have joined the Neighbors app.

This is an important step and brings Ring up to snuff with other security systems, but also clears a path for other ecosystems to take.

It comes after Ring and other security systems have been dealing with leaks and people gaining access to other accounts. As with any smart home or smart security device, privacy and security are front and center. This new Control Center is Ring’s way of being transparent and giving users the easy options to be as private as they’d like.

From a single panel, you’ll be able to adjust your privacy settings for your Ring devices — including Video Doorbells, the Peephole Cam, Stick Up Camera and several others. Plus, Ring has plans to update it to provide users with more control and to simplify the interface.

It certainly seems like a step in the right direction and is a good way to start 2020. And as Ring launches more devices, it’s important for users to understand how their data is stored and what services might have access to it.

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