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“The Rush Limbaugh Show” will continue well into the new decade.

Limbaugh, whose contract was due to expire later this year, has renewed his deal, the syndication company Premiere Radio Networks confirmed to CNN Business.

Premiere is a division of the radio giant iHeartMedia. A spokeswoman said Limbaugh renewed a “long-term agreement” and declined to comment on any specific terms, like the length of the new deal.

But according to President Trump, it is a four-year deal.

CNN Business inquired about Limbaugh’s status after Trump blurted out the information at a rally in Miami on Friday.

The president was there to launch an “Evangelicals for Trump” coalition. After lodging his usual complaints about news outlets that challenge him, he turned to praise some of his biggest radio and TV boosters.

“We have great people,” Trump said. “Rush just signed another four-year contract. He just wants four more years, okay. Rush, Sean Hannity, Laura – a lot of great people – Tucker’s been great, ‘Fox & Friends,’ right?”

Trump went on, listing off other supporters in the media. But the Limbaugh shout-out was curious because the host and the syndicator had not announced a new deal yet. Premiere’s most recent acknowledgement about Limbaugh’s contract was back in August 2016, when he re-upped.

It turns out the president had some inside information – perhaps from one of Limbaugh’s visits to Trump’s properties.

Trump and the radio host were seen eating launch and chatting with others at Trump’s West Palm Beach golf club a few days before Christmas.

The two men have been allies for many years, pre-dating the president’s run for office.

“Rush is a great guy & a great character,” he tweeted back in 2012.

Limbaugh campaigned with Trump at the president’s final midterms rally in 2018.

And just the other day, Trump tweeted out a thank-you to Limbaugh “for the tremendous support he has given to the MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN Movement and our KEEP AMERICA GREAT Agenda!”

Trump added, “He is a major star who never wavered despite the Fake News Hits he has had to endure. His voice is far bigger than theirs!

Limbaugh reaches tens of millions of people through radio stations across the country, web streams, and appearances on Fox News. He marked his 31st year in national syndication last August.

His show “continues to be the most-listened-to national radio talk show in America,” according to Premiere.