Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) speaks during a campaign stop in Waterloo, Iowa on January 26, 2020. - Klobuchar, and other Democratic candidates, are making their final push through Iowa before the caucuses on February 3, 2020.
Klobuchar capitalizes on debate momentum in Iowa
03:15 - Source: CNN
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Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota raised $11.4 million in the final three months of 2019, marking the strongest fundraising quarter of her campaign. The amount, while lagging behind those of the higher-polling Democratic presidential candidates, more than doubled her third-quarter fundraising numbers.

Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont leads the field with $34.5 million raised in the fourth quarter, followed by former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg at $24.7 million, former Vice President Joe Biden at $22.7 million and businessman Andrew Yang at $16.5 million, according to announcements from their campaigns.

All the candidates saw increases from their third-quarter fundraising figures.

The other member of the Democratic presidential race’s top tier, Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, has not yet released her fourth-quarter fundraising numbers – though her campaign told supporters late last week that, days from the deadline, she so far had raised $17 million, down from her $24.6 million in the third quarter.

Klobuchar’s announcement allows her campaign to push the message of winning in the critical Midwestern swing states, from the candidate who proudly proclaims in her stump that “this isn’t flyover country. I live here.”

“Senator Klobuchar’s standout performances on the debate stage in October, November, and December resonated with voters and caucus-goers across the country,” said Justin Buoen, Klobuchar campaign manager, in a statement.

Buoen added that the campaign is building momentum.

“Our campaign has seen a massive surge in grassroots support and this has allowed us to make critical campaign investments,” he said.

One of those investments will be evident statewide in Iowa and New Hampshire, as a new Klobuchar advertisement begins to air on television starting Friday.

The six-figure ad buy leans heavily into Klobuchar’s unifying message and ability to fight President Donald Trump as the candidate who has won in districts the President carried in 2016.

“If you feel stuck in the middle of the extremes in our politics and you’re tired of the noise and the nonsense, you’ve got a home with me,” Klobuchar says in the voice-over of the ad. “I don’t want to be the president for half of America, I want to be the president for all of America.”

The Minnesota Democrat just wrapped up a visit to all 99 of Iowa’s counties, the only candidate slated to be on the January debate stage to have done so.

CNN’s Eric Bradner contributed to this report.