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In 2020, Nanoleaf wants to make its smart lighting lineup, well, even smarter. Not only is the company showing off a new Hexagon design for the small light-up panels you put on your wall (joining Canvas and Light Panels), but it’s also announcing Learning Series — a collection of devices and accessories that “learns, senses and reacts” to the user and the environment.

The Hexagon panels are the first in a series of “Unified Light Panels” from Nanoleaf. The new unified panels will allow you to mix various panel shapes to create nearly any kind of design and shape on your wall, free from the restriction of the current triangle, square, and now hexagon shapes.

Nanoleaf will soon begin taking preorders for the Hexagons, with a launch currently planned for this summer.

While it’s not mentioned in the press release, Nanoleaf will use a new method for connecting the panels to your wall. From my understanding, there’s a new snap-on system that relies on double-sided tape to connect the panels. I’m glad to hear it. When I was testing Canvas, I decided to move the panels to another room, which resulted in damage to my wall as I removed one of the panels.


The new snap-on system should help eliminate any issues, making it easier to move and rearrange the hexagonal panels.

For more details about how Nanoleaf’s smart lighting panels work, what the setup process is like, and the painful details of the patch of paint that’s missing from my wall, make sure to read through our Canvas or Light Panels reviews.

As far as the Learning Series, there’s not a lot of information available yet, but here’s what we know so far:

The current list of accessories Nanoleaf expects to release as part of the Learning Series includes a unique-looking $19.99 Learning Light Bulb, a $14.99 Learning Button, and a Learning Switch for $49.99.


Currently, you can control Nanoleaf products using Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, Amazon Echo, or the Nanoleaf mobile app. Nanoleaf wants to eliminate the need to always reach for your phone or speak to a nearby smart speaker to control your lights. Just how it intends to do that remains to be seen. And support for those third-party smart home ecosystems won’t be disappearing.

Nanoleaf hasn’t said when we should expect to see Learning Series accessories on store shelves.

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