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Uber passengers endure a nightmare ride. LIttle bear wakes up snoozing man. Diplomat makes heroic rescue. These are your top must-see videos of the year:

A scary ride

Two Uber passengers went on an unexpected ride after their driver’s car was rear-ended. Tameka Swann, one of the passengers, said, “That was the scariest moment of my life.”

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Airborne mystery

Residents in Colorado and Nebraska were baffled by drone-like objects they saw in the night sky. They don’t believe they are nefarious, but authorities say the objects could pose a hazard to other aircraft.

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Surprise visitor

Imagine being woken up by a curious bear. Matt Bete was snoozing by his pool when a bear wandered into the area. The bear gently nudged Bete’s foot, causing him to wake up, and then ran off.

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‘Incredible confidence’

Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, visited a school on International Women’s Day and invited a student to speak on stage. The young man gave a compelling message and then gave a hug to the royal family member.

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Babbling baby has conversation with dad in heartwarming video

Jonah, pt. 2?

Two women kayaking in California got a HUGE surprise when a humpback whale breached underneath them. They lost some car keys, but got a great story to tell.

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Coast Guardsman jumps onto moving submarine full of drugs

Heroic rescue

British diplomat Stephen Ellison jumped into a river near Chongqing, China, to rescue a drowning woman. He swam her to the riverbank where they were both pulled to safety.

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A sweet moment

A little boy unexpectedly hugged a pizza delivery man. Later, the boy’s mom found out that the moment was much more meaningful than she realized.

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Tiger caught on camera chasing motorcycle

Hi-res Mars

NASA’s Curiosity rover created a Mars panorama composed of more than 1,000 images. The massive picture shows the “Glen Torridon,” named after a region in Scotland.

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