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The success of so many projects, from science to business, depends on the proper collection of data. But it’s not enough just to collect it — you need to apply it, too. The Ultimate SQL Bootcamp Certification Bundle ($21, was created to help you learn SQL, a programming language for managing databases.

This $21 bundle from the CNN Store includes six courses containing 229 individual lessons, more than 18 hours of material, on learning SQL. These include basic courses that build upon each other to help you master the language. Many lessons come from the programming perspective of Python, one of the most popular languages today. You should learn valuable ways to add and change data in databases, as well as how to create reports or pull out specific information. Plus, access to this bundle is lifetime, meaning you can learn at your own pace. From wherever you are, you can stream lessons from your computer or mobile device.

The section called Learn SQL with Microsoft SQL Server is a sort of crash course lesson, which should help you learn the basics quickly. Using a free version of Microsoft SQL, you can introduce yourself to the fundamentals of creating an SQL server.

The ability to manage and apply data is a skill sought after by many companies and projects today. The Ultimate SQL Bootcamp Certification Bundle is designed to catch you up with the world of SQL databases and how to use related programs in data management. With lifetime access, you can learn on your own time, at home or on the go. Try it out if you’re looking to show businesses that you can make their data work for them.

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