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Wouldn’t it make life easier for designers and artists if they could identify the colors of surfaces and objects with precision? The Nix Mini Color Sensor V2 ($84, originally $94; can let you do just that.

This pocket-sized Bluetooth sensor can identify the color of most surfaces with a quick scan. Compatible materials include painted walls, vinyl, leather, and fabric among others. All you have to do is pair your Nix Mini with the Nix Digital app (for iOS and Android) and you should find it easy to get started. When you hold it up to a surface, it blocks out all ambient light and instead uses its own light source for accuracy. Not only should this scan provide paint colors, but it can display the colors in formats like sRGB HEX, CMYK and LAB. You can even save and arrange your favorite color palettes.

To take a look at paints, you’ll get lifetime access to the Nix Paints app. This lets you match your scanned colors to real paint brands like Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams. The Nix Mini is rechargeable with an included micro USB cable and comes with a lanyard for portability.

You can get the Nix Mini Color Sensor V2 here for $84, originally $94. If you’ve ever wanted to identify the color of virtually any surface, the Nix Mini is certainly worth a try.

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