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Heavy rains have prompted flood warnings on each of the country’s coast as millions are threatened with flood or wind damage.

A second round of rain was drenching northern and central California Sunday morning, with up to three inches of rain likely and snow in higher elevations, the National Weather Service said.

Officials warned of powerful wind gusts up to 50 mph that could bring down tree limbs and power lines, possibly leaving areas near San Francisco in the dark.

Meanwhile in the South, residents are under wind and flood watches amid a storm that will dump up to six inches of rain from Alabama to South Carolina through Monday night, the weather service said.

West Coast: Landslide warnings after heavy rain

As rain continues coming down over northern California, other parts of the West Coast are warning of possibly dangerous aftermath after a string of powerful showers.

“The threat for landslides will continue through the rest of the weekend for areas below 3,000 feet,” the weather service in Seattle said. “This is due to heavy rains received over the past couple of days, which has increased soil moisture levels.”

The weather service in the area warned drivers of possible flooding and urged residents to “move to higher ground immediately.”

Southeast: Flood and wind warnings

In southeast Georgia, flooding is most likely between Sunday afternoon and early Monday, according to the weather service. Flash flood watches have been issued for several counties along or near the state’s coast until Monday.

“Flooding could occur quickly, especially in low-lying and poor drainage areas,” the weather service said. “Be prepared for the possibility of widespread street flooding and flooded properties.”

“Be prepared to protect life and property, especially in areas prone to flooding. If flooding develops, move to higher ground immediately. If driving, be prepared for flooded roadways and possible road closures,” it said.

Flash flood watches are also in effect for other parts of Georgia and southeast South Carolina through Tuesday morning with up to seven inches of rain.

“Along the South Carolina coast, elevated tides could increase the potential for flash flooding, especially around the time of the Monday morning high tide,” the weather service said.