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It was a big week of news, so “Saturday Night Live” had a lot of ground to cover.

The NBC variety show chose to split the difference and focused its cold open on the latest Democratic debate as well as the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

“Welcome to the sixth Democratic debate,” Heidi Gardner’s PBS moderator said. “Just like ‘The Bachelor’ the further we go, the less diverse it gets.”

The moderator than introduced the candidates, which included Kate McKinnon as Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

“I’m here and I am in my element,” McKinnon’s Warren said. “PBS is my safe word.”

There was also Larry David as Sen. Bernie Sanders.

“I’m Bernie Sanders. I’m white! Can’t help it,” David as Sanders said.

The sketch also had Jason Sudeikis as former Vice President Joe Biden and Fred Armisen as Michael Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York who just joined the race.

“Mr. Bloomberg, you did not qualify for this debate. How did you get here,” Gardner’s moderator asked.

“Well, for $30 million, PBS is now owned by viewers like me,” Armisen’s Bloomberg said holding a PBS tote bag.

Armisen’s Bloomberg wasn’t the only surprise guest. Maya Rudolph also returned as Sen. Kamala Harris, who dropped out earlier this month.

“I was just in the neighborhood,” she said. “But while I’m here, I just want to show you how good you could’ve had it, America. You withheld your donations, and I got tired of waiting.”

But there was yet another surprise guest at the Democratic debate: Alec Baldwin as Trump.

Baldwin’s Trump was waiting backstage, like an episode of “Maury,” to take on all the candidates for bad-talking him.

“You think I’m afraid? You think I’m nervous? What are you going to do, impeach me?” he said. “Hey, losers! Impeach me outside.”

Baldwin as Trump and the others then opened the show saying the show’s catch phrase, “Live… From New York! It’s Saturday night.”