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Tesla reveals an electric pickup truck. Venice needs more tourists. Grab a cup of coffee and settle in. Here’s what you might have missed during a busy news week.

Spice up your health

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For years, chile has been hailed for its therapeutic properties. Now researchers have found that eating chile peppers regularly can cut the risk of death from heart disease and stroke.

Americans finally believe the economy is good

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Analysis: As 2019 winds down, the economy is getting its best rating in almost 20 years. Time gets some of the credit. Trump and his bullish megaphone get the rest.

The science of Star Wars

PHOTO: courtesy Lucasfilm

The alien species on the screen intrigue but don’t overwhelm the human imagination. Here’s how filmmakers made them believable.

The morning after

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This indulgent time of year often leads to less-than-pleasant mornings after. Every culture has a different cure. From currywurst to pickle juice and avocado toast, here’s what people around the world eat and drink to beat a hangover.

A ‘cosmic candy cane’

PHOTO: NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center

A new image of the Milky Way has revealed a festive-themed feature, or “cosmic candy cane” that holds the raw materials for tens of millions of stars.

Inside Trump’s Impeachment

The story of how House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy navigated the impeachment of President Donald Trump and kept their caucuses unified.

Whistleblower says US airports becoming unsafe

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A CNN exclusive investigation has discovered a TSA whistleblower who is sounding the alarm about loosened security at US airports, charging that top officials have prioritized speed over security.

Opinion: The ugly truths ‘Bombshell’ exposes

PHOTO: Hilary B Gayle

The women of ‘Bombshell’ are as steely as they are gorgeous. They’re also enablers of the same misogynist culture they protest.