The FBI released these  portraits drawn by confessed serial killer Samuel Little, a man who claims he's murdered more than 90 people.  He claims the portraits are of his victims.  "We are hoping that someone -- family member, former neighbor, friend -- might recognize the victim and provide that crucial clue in helping authorities make an identification. Little's drawings have proven quite accurate. Two of his victim portraits were previously disseminated by law enforcement to locals who recognized the women, resulting in their identifications.  We want to give these women their names back and their family some long awaited answers. It's the least we can do." The FBI urged anyone with information about the victims to call or email analysts at the bureau's Violent Criminal Apprehension Program at (800) 634-4097.
FBI releases chilling video of serial killer (2019)
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Samuel Little has been drawing sketches of the dozens of the women he confessed to killing over several decades. Authorities in Mississippi are now asking for the public’s help identifying two of the women he says he killed after picking them up in the Gulfport area.

The Harrison County Sheriff’s Department in Mississippi released a flyer Monday evening with the sketch of a woman Little says he killed along with the information he provided about her.

The woman the department is looking for went missing or was killed before December 1992 and was last seen at or near a bar in the North Gulfport area, the flyer says. She was in her early to mid-20’s and was placed outdoors in a grassy area after she was killed.

By his account, Little strangled 93 victims between 1970 and 2005, often targeting women from marginalized and vulnerable groups.

Five of his victims were picked up in the Gulfport area, the sheriff’s office said. Little’s sketches have contributed to the identification of three of them. Police are searching for the identities of the other two, including the woman in the flyer.

Samuel Little

Anyone who recognizes the woman in the sketch is asked to call (228) 896-0678 or email

Little is serving three life sentences on California convictions. He was already imprisoned for beating and strangling three women when the FBI began connecting him to murders all over the country.

The FBI has said that he could remember where he was, what car he was driving and could even draw the women he said he killed. The agency has been releasing the drawings in the hope of making identifications.

“We want to give these women their names back and their family some long awaited answers. It’s the least we can do,” said FBI spokesperson Shayne Buchwald.

If Little’s claim to have killed 93 people is true, he would be the most prolific serial killer in US history. The FBI says that all the confessions appear to be credible.

CNN’s Chuck Johnston, Leah Asmelash and Ryan Prior contributed to this report.