Ivorian digital artist, O'Plerou Denis Grebet, has created more than 300 African emojis

Published 9:30 AM ET, Wed December 18, 2019
O'Plerou Denis GrebetO'Plerou Denis Grebet
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Student O'Plerou Grebet taught himself how to create emojis after getting fed up of seeing just poverty images of Africa. He wanted to depict the beauty in the everyday lives of African people. O'Plerou Denis Grebet
Long-long is a protective hairstyle for girls and women with natural curly hair. O'Plerou Denis Grebet
'Garba' is street food sold in Ivory Coast. It is made with cassava semolina, tuna fish and eaten with pepper and onions. O'Plerou Denis Grebet
Toclo, a street tailor, usually a man with a sewing machine, who repairs damaged clothing in the streets. O'Plerou Denis Grebet
'Tu as vu non,' a popular facial gesture in Ivory Coast meaning 'I told you so.' O'Plerou Denis Grebet
Cabine, a local spot where people pay to make phone calls O'Plerou Denis Grebet
Crécré is a delicious crispy snack sold near schools in Ivory Coast O'Plerou Denis Grebet
Natté couché, braids made with curly hair. O'Plerou Denis Grebet
Henné, local drawings made on Mandinka women hands and/or feet during wedding and ceremonies. O'Plerou Denis Grebet
Zaouli is a traditional dance of the Guro people of central Ivory Coast. O'Plerou Denis Grebet