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A new CNN Poll of Polls finds opposition narrowly outpacing support for impeaching and removing President Donald Trump from office – 46% believe Trump should be impeached and removed from office, 49% don’t.

This Poll of Polls includes national polling conducted between Dec. 4 and 15 by telephone and averages results among registered voters across the polls.

The newest poll, from ABC and The Washington Post on Tuesday morning, found 48% of registered voters want Congress to impeach and remove Trump from office, just above where CNN’s recent poll, out Monday night, found support for Trump’s impeachment and removal (45%).

Support for impeaching and removing President Richard Nixon was similar to this level in the spring of 1974, according to a Harris poll with similarly worded questions, and ticked over into majority support for impeachment in June of that year. Nixon resigned in August 1974.

Of all the polls in CNN’s Poll of Polls – released between Sunday and Tuesday – Monmouth University poll found the lowest support for impeachment and removal (44%) while Fox News found the highest (50%). However, with only a six-point spread between the six polls conducted in the same period, they all show similar results.

All these polls show stark partisan and gender divides on impeachment, many finding higher shares saying Trump behaved improperly than those who support impeachment. Others show a higher approval rating for how Democrats in Congress are handling the hearings versus how Republicans in Congress are, while Trump’s handling of impeachment lands at around two-in-five.

Most polls show the hearings haven’t made a big difference on public opinion, with little movement over time on impeachment in most polls. And most voters say that not much could change their mind on impeachment at this point.

The CNN Poll of Polls is an average of the six most recent non-partisan, live operator, national surveys on whether Donald Trump should be impeached and removed from office conducted among registered voters. The Poll of Polls includes: The CNN Poll conducted Dec. 12-15, The Quinnipiac University poll conducted Dec. 11-15, The Washington Post/ABC News poll conducted Dec. 10-15, the NPR/PBS Newshour/Marist poll conducted Dec. 9-11, the Fox News poll conducted Dec. 8-11 and the Monmouth University poll conducted Dec. 4-8. The poll of polls does not have a margin of sampling error.

CNN’s Jennifer Agiesta contributed to this report.