Surveillance video shows the scene of the deadly Jersey City shooting targeting a Kosher market.
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New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy told CNN on Sunday that he has full confidence in the multi-agency investigation into the Jersey City shooting that killed four people. That investigation has already resulted in an arrest and the discovery of new evidence over the weekend.

The FBI and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, along with the US Attorney’s Office and the New Jersey attorney general, are conducting the investigation into the shooting, Murphy told CNN’s Martin Savidge.

“The team…[is] doing an outstanding job under extremely difficult circumstances. Unspeakable tragedy, hatred directed at the Jewish community against law enforcement, against Jersey City,” he said.

Investigators located a van possibly linked to the Jersey City shooters and made an arrest based off of a handwritten note found in the back pocket of shooter David N. Anderson, officials said.

The note had a phone number and address that led investigators to Ahmed A-Hady of Keyport, New Jersey, according to the US Attorney’s Office.

Officials have not detailed what relationship A-Hady had, if any, with the Jersey City shooters.

Firearms found

Authorities went to the pawn shop at the address that was on the note Friday night and interviewed A-Hady and two of his relatives, according to officials.

Records show that he had purchased two Smith & Wesson handguns in 2006 and was convicted of attempting to obtain a controlled dangerous substance or analog by fraud. That conviction prohibits him from owning such weapons.

When asked whether he still had both guns by investigators, A-Hady “admitted to owning both the .45-caliber and the .44-caliber, but falsely denied that they were on the premises,” the US Attorney’s Office said.

The inside of a kosher market targeted by the shooters was disheveled days after the attack.

After speaking to a relative who said A-Hady’s firearms were in a safe, investigators discovered the .44-caliber handgun in the safe, according to the US Attorney’s Office. They also recovered six rifles, three handguns, and a shotgun during the search of the pawnshop.

A-Hady was arrested by FBI agents on Saturday and faces a charge of being a previously convicted felon in possession of a firearm. He does not have an attorney and is scheduled to appear in court Monday, the US Attorney’s Office said.

A-Hady faces up to 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine if found guilty.

Van with ‘possible connections’ to shooters located

On Saturday, the FBI said it was examining a white van “with possible connection to the Jersey City shootings.” That van was recovered in Orange township, but it’s unclear if it is the same van that neighbors said shooters Anderson and Francine Graham lived in.

Prior to living in a van, Graham lived in an Elizabeth, New Jersey, town home and was well-liked by her neighbors, some of whom were shocked to hear that she was responsible for the deadly shooting that targeted a Jewish market last Tuesday.

“She was good people,” Edwin Lopez, 62, who exchanged pleasantries with her while walking his dog, Nike, at the Water’s Edge Crescent complex in Elizabethport. “You just never know who you’re living next to.”

Other neighbors echoed that sentiment. “I was shocked it was her,” said Larry Baisden, 56, who lives across the street from the apartment Graham once shared with Anderson. “She didn’t seem like that kind of person. But him. I didn’t know him … He always stood by the fence and he would stare out and look like he was mad with the world all the time.”

Some said that after Graham met Anderson in 2017 her life began to change. Neighbor Drake Surjet, 22, said when Anderson first appeared at the complex, Graham’s life appeared to go “downhill.”

Graham told neighbors she stopped working after suffering a back injury, according to Surjet. By 2018, she had defaulted on her mortgage on the townhouse, public records indicate. After that, Graham moved into a white van with Anderson that would be parked on a side street near the apartment entrance, Surjet said.

The couple would sometimes break into her former home to shower while living in the van, according to Surjet.

Now authorities are going through a similar van as they continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding the deadly shooting.

CNN’s Ray Sanchez contributed to this report.