An Australian couple threw their diamond wedding rings out with the trash. They went through a mountain of garbage to find them

City council workers and trash collectors emptied the 30-ton garbage truck to find the missing rings.

(CNN)An Australian couple feared the worst when they realized their diamond wedding and engagement rings were missing.

The couple, who have not been publicly identified, were renovating their home in the Melbourne inner suburb of Malvern, according to Stonnington City Council spokesman Jim Carden.
They dropped off a load of garbage at the Stonnington waste collection center on Saturday, and drove home -- before realizing they had accidentally thrown away a small jewelry box containing an "impressive engagement and wedding ring," Carden said.
They frantically called the collection center, but it was closing, and they were told to return early the next day.
    An Australian couple's diamond engagement and wedding rings were recovered from a trash collection center in Melbourne.