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TLC has a new reality show about plus-sized women and their thinner love interests and it’s turning into a bigger deal than the network may have imagined.

“Hot & Heavy” is a limited series which follows the lives of three “mixed weight” couples who face judgment for being heavier women involved with smaller men.

According to a press release the couples are:

- Joy and Chris have been going strong for three years and are ready to take their relationship to the next level, but family and friends have serious concerns that Joy won’t be able to keep up with Chris’s adventurous lifestyle due to her weight.

- Kristin and Rusty have been married for two years and want a child more than anything, but when Kristin realizes she might need to get gastric bypass surgery in order to have a baby, disagreements arise.

- Despite being over 400 pounds, Adrianna has a newfound confidence thanks to her boyfriend of two years, Ricardo; but with the endless attacks they face in public, how much will Adrianna be able to endure?

A sneak peek of the series shows the couples dealing with the challenges of being in their relationships, including disapproval from family members.

TLC is known for its diversity in reality programming, including “My 600lb Life,” “Little People Big World,” it’s “90 Day Fiance” franchise and “My Big Fat Fabulous Life” which stars #NoBodyShameCampaign founder Whitney Thore.

But their newest show is facing backlash online before it even premieres.

“Since TLC’s production team somehow missed this, it is INCREDIBLY disrespectful to first, characterize someone based solely on their size and second, portray concepts of “hot” and “heavy” as polar opposites - implying that hot and heavy may not …characterize one person simultaneously,” one person tweeted.

CNN has reached out to TLC for comment.

The three one-hour episodes of “Hot & Heavy” premiere Tuesday, January 7, at 10 p.m. ET/PT on TLC.