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Here are the facts. We’re getting a Baby Yoda plush, a normal-sized Funko and a nearly lifesize Funko Pop, but you can never have too much Baby Yoda, aka “The Child.” And Hasbro is joining in with four toys that will ship next May. But you can preorder them right now.

The coolest of the four has to be the $24.99 “Star Wars” The Child Talking Plush Toy. And yes, this Baby Yoda is soft and plush and makes 10 sounds. You can position its arms and even have it hold a bone broth bowl, which is included, along with a Sorgan frog. The value is strong with this one and this will make a terrific gift. Who wouldn’t want a Baby Yoda that you can cuddle and hear?

In classic Hasbro fashion, there’s a “Star Wars:” The Black Series The Child Figure for $9.99. It’s pint sized at 1.12 inches and includes The Child, a toy knob, a Sorgan frog and a bone broth bowl. This way you can recreate iconic scenes from “The Mandalorian.”

Those looking for a slightly larger action figure will be pleased with the $19.99 6.5-inch Star Wars The Child Figure. It doesn’t talk, but its arms can move and be positioned. This way you can recreate moments from the show or just have him use the Force when keeping an eye on you.

Hasbro also is launching The Child 2.2-inch collectible figures. These take moments from the show and freeze-frame them in small 2.2-inch figures. During the preorder period, retailers will be offering these in a two-pack for $15.99, but come spring, these will be $7.99 each. You can keep these as collectibles displayed on your desk or nightstand, or even trade with your friends to collect them all.

  • The Child Bounty Collection Figure Set by Hasbro — ”Sipping Soup” & ”Blanket-Wrapped” ($15.99; or
  • The Child Bounty Collection Figure Set by Hasbro — ”Don’t Leave” & ”Ball Toy” ($15.99; or
  • The Child Bounty Collection Figure Set by Hasbro — ”Froggy Snack” & ”Force Moment” ($15.99; or

Note: The prices above reflect the retailer’s listed price at the time of publication.