Are vertical farms the future of food?

Published 4:19 AM ET, Mon December 9, 2019
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LED lights give an eerie glow to NextOn's vertical farm in South Korea.
Scroll through to discover ambitious vertical farming and indoor farming projects around the globe.
Spread, Japan -- Many view Japan as an early adopter of vertical farm technology. Spread, founded in 2006, says it shipped 7.7 million heads of lettuce across Japan in 2015, with the company reporting it achieved profitability in 2013. Euan McKirdy/CNN
AeroFarms, US -- Built in a converted steel mill in Newark, New Jersey, AeroFarms estimates the farm produces 2 million pounds of greens a year, using a method which requires no sunlight or soil and minimal water. Courtesy Aerofarms
Square Roots, US -- Based in Brooklyn, New York City, Square Roots grows food in shipping containers placed in a parking lot. Square Roots
Square Roots, US -- Square Roots conducts a year-long training program in indoor farming, and says some of its past participants have gone on to start their own urban farming businesses. Square Roots
Bunker Comestible, France -- Located in Strasbourg in a converted gunpowder warehouse, the organic farm grows mushrooms and greenery from seedlings. FREDERICK FLORIN/AFP/AFP/Getty Images
Bunker Comestible, France -- Inside "the edible bunker" a worker harvests oyster mushrooms. The company says the carbon dioxide generated by mushrooms in the bunker helps its green produce to grow. FREDERICK FLORIN/AFP/AFP/Getty Images
Infarm -- Infarm in Berlin builds compact hydroponic modular units for growing indoors that have found their way into supermarkets in the German city and around Europe. The company says its produce is 100% pesticide-free, and due to it being grown in supermarkets, cuts the time and distance between harvest and consumption. courtesy Merav Maroody/Infarm
Sky Greens, Singapore -- Chinese Cabbage and lettuce are planted on this nine-meter tall, A-shape aluminum frame. CNN
Sky Greens, Singapore -- The farm's first prototype was built back in 2009, with a fully-operational center in place since 2012. CNN
Growing Underground, UK -- In an underground tunnel in Clapham, London, that was originally built as an air-raid shelter during World War II, micro greens and salad leaves are gown all year round by urban farmers. Dan Kitwood/Getty Images Europe/Getty Images
In Dubai, a joint venture from agri-tech firm Crop One and Emirates Flight Catering plans to build the largest vertical farm in the world. courtesy Crop One Holdings