Quickly catch up on the day's news

(CNN)Here's what you might have missed Wednesday on CNN:

-- Law professors hammered President Donald Trump's conduct at impeachment inquiry hearings before the House Judiciary Committee. Three constitutional experts called by Democrats testified that the President abused his power while a GOP witness said the case for impeachment is "wafer thin."
-- Bishop Richard Malone resigned after Catholics in Buffalo begged him to do so for more than a year. The Vatican announced that Pope Francis has accepted Malone's resignation.
-- Trump called Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau "two faced." Trudeau admits to talking about the President with other world leaders.
    -- Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp defied Trump by appointing an Atlanta businesswoman to take a US Senate seat.
    -- North Korea plans to send the United States a "Christmas gift," but no one is quite sure what that could mean.
    -- Google's co-founders announced they would be stepping down from their executive roles, but they won't be going too far.
    -- A woman got at least a year in prison for a creating a fraudulent resume after landing a $185,000 job.
    -- Gabrielle Union's controversial exit from "America's Got Talent" triggers a NBC investigation.
      -- A Facebook algorithm propels terrifying rumors about white vans and sex trafficking across the United States. There is no evidence yet to supprt the rumors.
      -- National Cookie Day is here just to remind us how great they are. Here are the best cookies you can buy in a store.