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Sonos has already shown love to its sound bar line with impressive discounts, but I’m excited about the Cyber Monday discounts. I think you’ll be, too. The Sonos One, One SL and Play:5 will all see discounts for one day only. Let’s talk through the new deals.

Important note: Any discount on any Sonos product is rare, and it’s twice as rare for a Sonos One or One SL. These are one day only discounts and will disappear when the clock strikes midnight. But a Sonos One at $50 off makes it quite affordable at just $149. And it is the audio-centric smart speaker to beat with an impressive and wide soundstage. Plus, it works with both Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, allowing you to pick the one that works best in your setup.

If you don’t need a smart speaker with microphones, the One SL is even more affordable at $129, originally $179. You can still control it via the Sonos App for iOS and Android. Most importantly, it fits within and works with the Sonos ecosystem. It’s basically the same as the Sonos One speaker, except for no microphones.

And if you want an even bigger and bolder sound profile, the Play:5 is the ultimate choice. It’s on sale for $399, a $100 savings from the $499 regular price. Believe it or not, there are six amplifiers, three tweeters and three woofers. Safe to say, it packs a punch and delivers a smooth and powerful audio experience.

The best news out of all of this is that Sonos is adding these three speakers to the already long list of Black Friday deals. Let’s walk through them.

  • Sonos Beam ($319, originally $399;
  • Sonos Amp ($475, originally $599;
  • Sonos Sub ($559, originally $699;
  • Sonos Playbar ($559, originally $699;
  • Sonos Playbase ($559, originally $699;

Note: The prices above reflect the retailer’s listed price at the time of publication.