Climbers remember Brad Gobright, one of the sport's best, who died from a fall in Mexico

Professional climber Brad Gobright died in a climbing accident on Wednesday.

(CNN)Members of the rock climbing community are shaken and devastated following the death of beloved professional climber Brad Gobright.

Gobright died in a climbing accident on Wednesday at Sendero Luminoso in El Potrero Chico in northern Mexico, falling almost 1,000 feet after his rope slipped through his rappel device.
Gobright, 31, was a accomplished climber. He was the first climber to complete ropeless ascents of Doub-Griffith and Hairstyles and Attitudes, two climbing routes in Colorado's Eldorado Canyon, according to Climbing Magazine.
He also once set a speed record climbing a route called the Nose on El Capitan in Yosemite National Park, according to National Geographic. His time was 2 hours, 19 minutes and 44 seconds, although that record has since been broken.
    Close friends and fellow climbers remembered the famous climber after news of his death broke.
    One of the most famous climbers in the world, Alex Honnold, paid tribute to his friend on Instagram, saying that Gobright was "one of a handful of partners that I always loved spending a day with."