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We were impressed when the price of the Wemo Mini Smart Plug on Amazon hit $17.99 this past summer, down from $34.99.. After all, it’s a reliable and dependable smart plug that doesn’t play favorites with any particular smart ecosystem. But now, for Black Friday, the Wemo Mini Smart Plug is down to just $15.98. That’s a savings of $19.01, more than 50% off — 54%, to be exact.

The Wemo Mini is a relatively small and compact smart plug. It doesn’t take up more space than one outlet, so you don’t have to unplug a nonsmart device to make room for it.

You can turn the Wemo Mini Smart Plug on or off from the companion app or from one of the smart home ecosystems like Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa. So you can turn on the Keurig and get it ready to brew on cold winter mornings. In the summer you can turn on the AC to cool down the house on your way home.

All in all, the Wemo Mini Smart Plug is a dependable smart home device that’s simple to use. So if you’re picking up an Echo Dot, Dot with Clock, an Echo Show 8 or any other smart device, this is an excellent addition. And yes, for just $15.98, the Wemo Mini Smart Plug is an excellent stocking stuffer.

Note: The prices above reflect the retailer’s listed price at the time of publication.