Get up to $100 off the best DNA kits this Black Friday

Noelle Ike, CNN Underscored
Updated Fri November 29, 2019

Whether you see the holidays as a time to appreciate family, reflect on the past, or prepare for a healthier new year, DNA kits are a simple tool that can help you achieve all those things. And this Cyber Week, there's no better time to stock up on a kit, or two or four.

Ancestry® and 23andMe, two of the biggest (and two of our favorite) players in the DNA kit space, are offering massive markdowns on every single one of their DNA kit offerings. We've covered both services in depth before, so be sure to check out our ultimate guide to at-home DNA testing kits and read up on which DNA kits are going to be best for you, based on what you're looking to learn about yourself.

Here's a quick look at all the discounts available right now:



How does it work?

Once you order any of the above services, you'll be sent a test tube to fill with saliva. Simply send it back along with the prepackaged slip, and your DNA is off to the lab for analysis. In a couple of weeks, the service you choose will let you know your results are ready for viewing online.

Which service is right for me?

23andMe: This is a popular service for a couple of reasons. In addition to basic information about your maternal and paternal lineage, you'll also get access to a host of fun information about yourself. The traits feature from 23andMe picks out things like your taste preferences, pet peeves and even how good your musical ear might be, based on your DNA. It can also inform you on how likely you are to have certain physical features, like curly hair or freckles.

The Health and Ancestry Service is 23andMe's most popular option, and right now available for an unbeatable price. In addition to all of the above, you'll receive over 125 personalized reports (that adhere to FDA regulations) about how your genetics impact your overall health. Some things you may discover are predispositions to health issues, information on your sleep patterns and even certain diets to avoid. If you want results quickly, choose the VIP Health and Ancestry Service, which includes two Health and Ancestry kits shipped to you overnight, and priority lab processing in addition to a walk-through of your results.

Ancestry®: If you're more curious about your lineage and history, Ancestry® is the way to go. Your results will include a genealogical map that actually breaks down all the ethnicities in your DNA by percentage. Ancestry® also emphasizes the accuracy and specificity of its ethnicity estimates. You'll also get access to see people who share similar DNA results to you, and Ancestry® will rank these people in proximity to your family tree.

The AncestryHealth® Kit includes all this, in addition to actionable health and wellness reports, access to genetic counseling resources and a family health history tree. One thing to note is that the AncestryHealth® kit is not available in New York, New Jersey or Rhode Island.

There's no doubt that a DNA kit makes for a stellar holiday gift, especially for someone who's hard to shop for. And now that the best options on the market are up to $100 off, there's no better time to pick one up.

Note: The prices above reflect the retailers' listed prices at the time of publication.