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An online platform used to make animated images has apologized for briefly depriving its users of their “Baby Yoda” fix.

GIPHY, which allows its users to search for and share short, soundless videos called GIFs, said it had removed images of the cute cartoon character because of legal “confusion.”

Baby Yoda took the internet by storm after making its debut at the end of the first episode of the new Disney+ series “The Mandalorian,” which premiered on the streaming service November 12.

Images and memes spread widely across the internet, and toymaker Hasbro announced it would be making a line of “Baby Yoda” merchandise.

But the character’s internet domination was short lived.

News reports erroneously suggested that Disney had cracked down on use of Baby Yoda images. GIPHY responded by briefly pulling the character off its platform.

GIPHY apologized Tuesday for any inconvenience and confirmed that the GIFs were live again on its platform.

“There was some confusion around certain content uploaded to GIPHY and we temporarily removed these GIFs while we reviewed the situation,” a spokesperson for the website told CNN Business.

Baby Yoda has taken the internet by storm.

That’s good news for Disney (DIS) and Baby Yoda fans alike. Disney (DIS) did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Disney+ debuted earlier this month in the United States, Canada and the Netherlands.

The streaming service represents Disney’s first charge into the “streaming wars,” which pit media giants like CNN’s parent, WarnerMedia, against tech firms such as Apple and pure streaming plays like Netflix.

It represents a major shift in focus for Disney, which made it to the top of the media world over the last century thanks to its kingdom of record-breaking blockbusters, theme parks and TV networks.

CNN’s Leah Asmelash contributed to this report.