9 things you didn't know had palm oil in them

By Katie Pisa, for CNN

Published 5:20 AM ET, Tue November 26, 2019
palm oil kernelspalm oil kernels
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The global palm oil industry was worth $62 billion in 2016. Pictured, palm kernels, which can be used to make the oil. TENGKU BAHAR/AFP/AFP/Getty Images
As the most used vegetable oil on the planet, palm oil can be found in many everyday items, from cleaning products to foodstuffs and cosmetics. In lipstick, it holds color well, doesn't melt at high temperatures, and has a smooth application and virtually no taste. Palm oil is common in many other cosmetics. Shutterstock
In soap, palm oil is used for its ability to remove oil and dirt from hair and skin as well to moisturize. In shampoos, palm oil is used as a conditioning agent to help restore natural oils in hair. Archive Photos/Archive Photos/Getty Images
Packaged bread often uses palm oil as it's sold at room temperature, easy to bake with and inexpensive. Chris Hondros/Getty Images
Palm oil is refined to create detergents, washing powder and other cleaning products. Yuganov Konstantin/Shutterstock
Used in margarine, palm oil is solid at room temperature and free of trans fats. JOHN THYS/AFP/AFP/Getty Images
Baked goods, such as cookies, are given a creamy taste and texture thanks to palm oil. Comstock
Palm oil is used in some ice creams to help make it creamy and smooth.
In certain chocolates, palm oil is used to help create a smooth and shiny appearance and keep it from melting. PHILIPPE HUGUEN/AFP/AFP/Getty Images
Palm oil is often added to frozen and fresh pizza dough to stop it from sticking together and to help enhance its texture. courtesy Natural Machines