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Satechi is known for a wide variety of accessories for computers, travel and even cars. Its latest type-c backlit keyboard holds up to that reputation. This Apple-oriented, Bluetooth keyboard can connect to a variety of devices. And now through Nov. 27, you can get 20% off when you use the code “BACKLIT20” at checkout.

The new keyboard is available for $79.99 ($64 with code BACKLIT20) on Satechi’s website, as well as Amazon.

Satechi skimped on neither function nor design with this keyboard. You can select from 10 brightness levels for optimal low-light work conditions and connect up to three devices at once to maximize your productivity. This includes, but is not limited to, the MacBook Pro, iPad Pro and iPhones 8 and 11. And you shouldn’t experience interruptions, as this keyboard can last up to 600 hours on a full charge. When you need to charge, a USB-C cable is all you need.

The design of the keyboard jives with iOS devices. You’ll enjoy the sleek, compact aesthetic and it’s even that same futuristic silver-gray we’ve come to know and love in Apple computers and mobile devices.

Satechi’s backlit keyboard looks and feels like an extension of your computer. Try it out, and save 20% with the code “BACKLIT20” when you check out now through Nov. 27.

Note: The prices above reflect the retailer’s listed price at the time of publication.