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There are a lot of ways to learn languages these days, and it’s important to find a program that works for you. Mondly’s Lifetime Subscription may just be the right fit. Its most exciting feature is the use of speech recognition software to help you learn languages and receive feedback on your progress.

For $99.99, you will gain lifetime access to Mondly. The program is available on iOS 10 or later, Android or on a PC. This lifetime subscription includes 33 different languages.

Within this program, you can practice any of these languages via their speech recognition software. Mondly focuses on conversational learning — getting to know a language through practice. There are also more traditional modes of learning that should bolster your vocabulary and conjugation skills. With these combined methods, you should have an easier, more realistic language learning experience.

Mondly boasts employment of professional voice actors to improve this conversational learning style. You can also interact with a virtual teacher in an AR experience. With this teacher, you should be able to hold realistic conversations and learn by practice. The AR component also will allow you to magically create objects in your environment, which is a unique and fun way to learn vocabulary.

Practice makes perfect, and Mondly: Lifetime Subscription aims to take advantage of this principle. With 33 languages to choose from and lifetime access, you can start learning languages at your own pace, in your own space.

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